10 Best and Smart Ways to Avoid Catching Flu

Everyone wants to stay fit and active. No one would want to lay up for days with the headaches, diarrhea, chills and muscle aches that all comes because of the flu. Yet, 20% of the country’s population gets flu on an annual basis.

The good news is; by changing your health habits and following the below basic tips, you can prevent yourself from getting sick or spread the bug to others.

Wash your hands properly

Make it a habit, the line of work you are in. This will prevent you from the risk of coming in contact with anything that has been touched by an infected person. Wash your hands through or use hand sanitizer throughout the day.

Better have homemade soups

Opt for homemade soups. These are natural decongestants, and are good for health. The ready-made soups from the market have stocked vegetables and chicken in the soup, which are believed to have a medicinal effect on your immune system, working on the inflammation.

Breathe in well ventilated spaces

Indoor air can be five times more populated than the outdoor air. When you are indoor, try to open your windows to keep the air clean. You can even put some indoor plants like Aloe Vera, Peace lilies and Spider plants, which filter out some common volatile organic compounds, keeping your room ventilated.

Keep your surroundings well

The kitchen, bathroom, door knob, switches, chairs, tables, and all the rest of the objects could be the place of breeding germs. So, always clean all those areas that you can’t avoid touching.

Take proper sleep

Ample sleep makes the body strong enough to fight with the infections. When the body don’t get proper sleep, it fails to stimulate our immune response, which helps fight against viruses.

Sip green tea or black tea

We all know that the properties of tea. Tea keeps away from many infections. Inhaling steam while sipping green tea or black tea helps clear your nasal tract.

Add Zinc to your diet

Zinc has immunity boosting properties and is found in foods like nuts, beans, pumpkin seeds, spinach and many more. Like Vitamin C, zinc also acts as a protective shield against flu.

Benefit yourself from regular exercise

Regular exercise improves immune system and hence, keep infections away. So, that is why experts recommend to exercise regularly.

Indulge yourself in home-cooked food

Eating food from outside will increase the risk of catching viral infections. Food cooked at home is hygienic. So, make your habit of eating home -made food over time to avoid infection.

Clean your cell phone


You remove germs from your hands, from your rooms and from your surroundings. What about your cell phones, that usually placed at random counters? Develop a habit of cleaning your phone with sanitizing wipes regularly to cut down from germs getting in your mouth.