5 Things Men should Do Before Bed To Look Younger In the Morning

God has given you a face and every face has a story. Story may be from happiness to sadness, from hope to loss, from innocence to wisdom, or even no sleep, too many beers or need to take rest. A face is a man’s own autobiography.

Face is the mirror of the mind. Every man should take care of his face.
Healthy looking skin, needs to follow proper cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, and shaving.
Sun, dust and pollution fades your skin texture all day long. Here are five ways to freshen up your overnight skin problems.

How to deal with puffiness and under-eye bags

Applying Eye cream that has peptides, can revitalize your skin, making it tight. For immediate relief you apply cold compresses on your eyes.
Healthy life style can minimize puffiness and under-eye bags.

Removing dead skin

Use a gentle scrub that contains volcanic rocks. Lava particle present in volcanic rocks are smaller and gentler than walnut or apricot scrub. It will leave you with a fresh new layer of healthy and glowing skin.

Cope up with red-eyes

Sometimes, due to lack of sleep and stress, your eyes becomes dry, causing redness. To remove this, you can use eye-drops for two to three times a day. You can also use aloe and coconut water.
By putting a light colored shirt, you can brighten your skin even more, says Julie Rath, a men’s style consultant.

Smooth all set hair

You can apply hair cream or wax to set your hair. Use small, curved with rounded tips scissor to trim nose, ear and eyebrow hair. For more cleaner look, you can shave downwards on your neck.

Make your smile brighten

Smile always lights up the face. Shining teeth make your smile to shine. you can use a brightening pen to paint your teeth daily with a few strokes for 10 mins. This will lighten your teeth by 4 shades in a week.
You can seek advise from your dentist as well. Study says people with beautiful smile wins the heart.

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