8 foods that take care of your health this winter

Winter is the season when, your body is in a tired situation and get more foodie. It will help you to keep warm, but helps input on weight also. So we are come here to provide you some winter food tips. These tips will help you in burning out calories. Thus, increase the metabolism rate. These tips also prevent you from unhealthy food habits during the winter. These all foods are rich minerals, proteins, fiber,iodine. Thus, makes you fit and fine in winters.

1. Oatmeal

Nothing beats oatmeal, which is rich in fiber.

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This is among the greatest winter weather eating plan ingredients for weight-loss. Include a part of oatmeal to your breakfast every day during winters. It allows you to feel hot during winter seasons.

This fiber is consumed by the bacteria exist in your belly,thus help in reducing weight. It also helps to strengthen blood sugar levels reduces cholesterol. It contains 1/3rd calorie that of lunch.

2. Chicken Soup

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It will fill one’s abdomen and you may feel satisfied. Chicken soup is also rich in good quality amino acids. Thus, maintain anyone health and also raise one’s metabolic rate. Chicken soup within winters can assist you deal with cold weather and also assist you drop a lot of kgs of one’s fat.

3. Citrus fruits

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Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin c and potassium boost our energy level for winter workouts. These fruits increases liver power to break down the food up to 30%. They also rich in fibres which makes your tummy full. Such citrus fruits are orange, pineapple, pomelo and blood oranges,etc.

4. Other winter fruits

Fruits like apple, papaya, guava & pomegranate are rich in vitamin A & C.

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These fruits are so sweet that they fill up your cravings for sugar. Having these fruits in winter, raise antioxidants, which rarely found in cooked foods. These potassium and magnesium rich fruits help you to lose weight around the belly.

5. All types of potato

Potato’s are the main source of minerals and fibers.

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It helps you manage your current urges of sugary food items. It’s also good for diabetic men and women, as it includes a low glycemic listing. This means potato’s never create a well-defined surge in the glucose level degree. Own baked nice potatoes through the winter to get rid of excess weight and to stay warm.

6. Honey

Honey is the best alternate for sugar. It’s proven to be the best winter food to fill up cravings for sugar.

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It is rich in natural sugar, which boost up our energy level. Have a honey in warm water daily, & say goodbye to all bacteria causing sore throats and cold. The antioxidants help you make your immune system stronger. For alcoholic person, the best way to remove hangover.

7. Eggs

Eggs contain all essential iodine, vitamin b12, proteins, selenium and amino acids.

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These all nutrients help in nourishing and boosting our body to stay fit. Eggs proven to be a complete meal to fill your tummy for a long period. It provides a warm feel to your body which is necessary in winters. Thus, reduce fat.

8. Sprouts and chickpeas

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Sprouts and boiled chickpeas are rich with fiber and protein. Have these in your morning meal, keeps you satisfied for a longer period. It is best snacks to make your digestive system work better. They will help you to get slim and healthy without doing much exercise.

With all these meal, water is must which cure all diseases and make our immune system work smooth.

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