8 popular diseases, guaranteed scare every one this winter

When the winters knock our door, they came up with several diseases. These diseases can also prove to be deadly, if not treated on time. They spread by various bacteria and viruses, when came in contact with air. None of us, has a much stronger immune system to protect us. Hence, precautions are necessary. So we came up here to share these diseases and precautions related to same.

1. Sore throat :

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The sore throat is a type of infection caused by viruses and bacteria. These can passed from one person to another. Climatic change is also a cause of such sore throats. Bacteria can be killed by antibiotics, but virus can’t respond. Viruses cause flu and cold, which transformed into a sore throat. It can be treated by drinking hot water and doing gargles with warm water twice a day. Bacteria proven to be dangerous, if mixed with blood. It can damage heart, kidney and even brain. The most common problems people facing are irritating, allergy, strain on muscles, dryness etc. For best results, avoid cold items.

2. Common cold :

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Cold is another viral infection has a direct effect on throat and nose. It is quite common to have cold in sudden climate changing situations. As it can affected by more than 100 of viruses, so, difficult to tell. Generally, people having a weaker immune system can stick it more. The viruses of cold can find anywhere on your keyboard, toys and even in the air also. So, try not to get in contact with people who already stuck in this infection. Mild fever, runny nose, pain can be caused during cold. Use a mask before going into polluted area and avoid touching other items.

3. Influenza :

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Influenza is another type flu. It is of two types: type a and type B. Type A influenza is an H1N1 flu, which can take a person’s life also. Type B influenza is common flu, which can cause headache, breathing problem, water in eyes etc. These both are comingfrom various viruses. H1N1 flu viruses found in animals like ducks, pigs, seals, etc. Type B viruses found in air or can be the cause of another person also.

Annual vaccination is provided to protect influenza. To prevent this, wash hands with soap and avoid contact with diseased person.

4. Bronchitis :

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Bronchitis is caused by viral and bacterial infection. It is common in winters and generally seen in kids. It is a respiratory disease, in which people inhaling the deadly air. Due to this, a membrane inside lungs gets irritated. Further, it gets thicker by which people find difficulty in breathing. People with weaker immune system get this disease early.

To prevent this, avoid smoking and visiting the polluted or more smoky areas.

5. Asthma :

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Asthma is the next stage of bronchitis. If bronchitis person doesn’t get treatment on time, then it can lead to asthma. Asthma is a lung disease which shortens the breath due to thicker membrane.

Avoid eating in smoky and cold weathers, always have pump & take proper treatment.

6. Swelling in fingers

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Many people are facing this problem and increasing more nowadays. In this, the fingers of hand legs caught by swelling and color changes to red or blue. It is caused due to poor flow of blood in body during winters.

Avoid more caffeine, alcohol and smoking. Always cover hands and legs with woolen clothes. Try to stay at home when, temp goes down.

7. Dry Skin :

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Dry skin is most common problem people facing during winters. In winters, the level of humidity in the environment goes down, thus, skin gets dry.

To prevent dryness in winters, avoid using hot water bath and hard soaps. Always use good moisturizers after bathing and even at nights also.

8. Joints & Heart Pain :

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According to research, heart attack and Joint pain problems arise in winters. People above 40–45 years facing this problem much. It caused due to change in weather, improper diet, and improper workout. The pain is generally stuck people back, knee and neck joints.

To prevent this, take diet contains omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins A & K. Keep warm clothes and covered knee with woolen stuff.

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So, Keep all these things in mind and stay fit and healthy always.

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