While working in your office or getting up in the morning, suddenly you feel neck pain. You may take it easily. But, sometimes it can occurs regularly or even suddenly while standing or any activity.

Have you think about neck pain, that why it is so?

Actually, You have some bad habits in you regular routine. Bad habits are harmful for your body. It means your standing and sleeping position is not correct. It may be a massive disease, if you have long time.

Studies found that around 68% of total population of the world, neck pain is in common. In India, Nobody is serious enough about neck pain and don’t even bother to consult with any doctor.

I usually work on computer in office. Few years before, I used to have neck and shoulder pain. Which makes me curious enough to find the cause. So, I searched on the internet to find the main reason. Okay! Let me share my experience with you.

Here, is the main reasons behind the neck pain which I had experienced. Let’s focus on some points.

Reasons And Solution Of Neck Pain:

  • Sitting position while working on computer:

The main reason behind neck pain is working on computer continuously for a long time. If you sit continuously in a same posture, you would soon develop neck and shoulder pain. Hence, every 10 mins you should either change your posture or stand and relax for a minute.

  • Outlandish sleeping position:

The position and postures of your body affect the functions of your body parts. If you develop incorrect sleeping position, you may feel neck pain. Just relax and be comfortable. Try to sleep in a proper posture with soft pillow to avoid neck pain.

  • Continuously Using your smart phone:

If you are using your cell-phone for a long time in same posture and typing texts with your thumb continuously, soon you realize pain in shoulder and neck. Change your positions while using phones. Physical movement and proper rest are necessary time to time for your body.

  • Lack of exercise:

Lack of exercise make you lazy. Excercise is one of the best physical activity in the morning. It removes many health problems and maintains your body.

  • Excess of alcohol:

How much alcohol you drink is your choice but,consuming less alcohol is okay, but, excess drinking of alcohol destroys your whole body. It can develop many internal disease. So, Don’t smoke!. Don’t Drink!. They are harmful for your body.

  • Physical illness:

Physical illness may cause of your neck pain. Even, physical illness develop with your bad habits.


Finally, the conclusion should be there in every problems. Disease develop with your bad habits. Think about your life and family!! You are the backbone of your family. Make your habits good.

Take care yourself!!

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