Diabetic Diet Plan:- Do’s and Don’ts

Diabetes — a disease that exposes people to heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, blindness and even nerve damage. Studies found that nearly 44 lakhs Indian, aged between 20 to 79 are even not aware that they are having diabetes.

International Diabetes Federation (IDF) has released The latest global figures on diabetes. They have heightened a serious alarm for India by saying that around 50% of Indian are not aware that they are having high blood sugar.

Today, India is known as ‘Diabetes capital’. 1 in 5 people is diagnosed diabetes due to the change in lifestyle.

Diabetes are mainly of two types.

  • Type 1 Diabetes ( Insulin dependent)
  • Type 2 Diabetes (Weight Management dependent)

Type 2 Diabetes is more dreadful than Type 1 Diabetes. It may lead to secondary complications such as heart, kidney, foot and eye disease.

If you or your near ones is suffering from type 2 diabetes, then here is a good news for you. You can successfully manage type 2 diabetes by planning your beverages as carefully as you plan your food choices.

Meal planning Tips

  • A single drink can affect you a lot if you have type 2 diabetes. According to 2013 research in the journal PLoS, drinking just a glass of soda can develop type 2 diabetes.
  • Well, you may be left asking “what should I eat and drink now”? Fortunately, there are varieties of refreshing flavorful beverages and dishes that you can enjoy with.
  • Everything you eat will affect your glucose level. Eating more salads, green vegetables, beans, and legumes help to control diabetes. We can maintain our glucose level by having a modest amount of healthy fats and moderate portions of lean protein.
  • Proper diet and weight management can help you to control and maintain normal sugar levels.Few essential guidelines (Do’s and Don’ts) for those with diabetes are listed below.
  • Always eat at regular intervals to avoid hypoglycemia. This will keep your sugar levels consistent.
  • Always try to have complex carbohydrates. Because simple carbohydrates such as rice, white bread, white pasta, maida helps rise in sugar levels. Complex carbohydrate such as oats, bajra, jowar, ragi and wheat don’t rise sugar level.
  • Go with low-carb meal frequently like roti, vegetable, salad, egg whites or skim paneer instead of having full meal like roti, rice, dal, vegetable and salad at one time.
  • To help accelerate metabolism and promote fat loss, include one portion of protein (skim milk products, chicken, fish, egg whites) and a portion of fibre (vegetables, fruits, salads) or Omega 3 fats (fish, flax-seeds, walnuts) in each meal. This will control your sugar levels.
  • It is advisable to incorporate exercise into daily lifestyle. Walking daily for at least 30 mins can induce fat loss and maintain your sugar levels.
  • Some well known home remedies are known to control diabetes are 1 tsp methi seeds, soaked okra water, 1 tsp cinnamon and 1 glass dudhi karela juice.
  • Chromium Picolinate is a mineral, when consumed 15 mins before a carbohydrate loaded meal can help to lower sugar levels.
  • It is important to monitor daily food intake by keeping track on the glucometer. This will helps in determining the right food options.
  • Controlling weight is also a major factor to manage diabetes.
  • A great way to stay hydrated is drinking plenty of water (8 to 10 glasses daily). Skimmed or low fat milk is also advisable to drink. Avoid non-dairy options, such as almond milk, may have added sweeteners and flavorings.
  • Never consume sugar-sweetened drinks as it absorbed into your bloodstream quickly to raise glucose level . Instead, go with artificial sweeteners, such as diet sodas. It acts as a calorie-reducing alternative.
  • Always try to avoid sports drinks and energy drinks. After exercise salt and nutrient supplements are essential. You can replace these drinks with fruit, nuts and water.
  • Tomato juice is beneficial for you as it cuts down on some measures of inflammation.
  • According to research, you can drink moderate amount of tea and coffee with sugar-free. The Wines also can be taken moderately. But the key is the word moderate. Limited consumption is preferred.

Thus, coming to a conclusion that managing diets are the most effective way to help the body control diabetes along with necessary medicines. Thus, it’s never late to give a new start.

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