Do you think Air pollution is linked to increased the rate of kidney disease?

A new study has warned that long-term exposure to air pollution not only can cause respiratory and cardiovascular disease but also can cause damage to the kidney.

To know how air pollution affecting kidney health, the researchers from Southern Medical University in China had analysed data on kidney biopsies taken over 11 years from 71,151 patients from 938 hospitals in 282 cities across China, of all age groups.

The areas where high levels of fine particulate air pollution are present had the highest rates of membranous nephropathy.

On average, developing membranous nephropathy is increased by 13 percent annually over the 11-year study period.

“Our primary finding is that the frequency of membranous nephropathy has doubled over the last decade in China. We show that the increase corresponds closely with the regional distribution of particulate air pollution,” said lead author Fan Hou of China’s Southern Medical University.

Studies have further found that the frequency of membranous nephropathy has been doubled over the last decade in China. The area with maximum air pollution has maximum cases of suffering from kidney disease.

The results were published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (JASN), which focus on air pollution and warned people in urban areas from developing kidney disease.