How deficiency of Vitamin A lead to death?

Vitamin A

Vitamin products tend to be a group of ingredients required in small amount by the human body. As these vitamins can’t be produced by our body. So it is necessary to have it in the diet plan. Retinol is another name for vitamin a.

Vitamin A deficiency can lead to?

In a human body eye, photoreceptor cells reside inside the retina. Human eye produces pigments for these cells by which, human body eye work properly. So, Vitamin A deficiency restricts eye to produce pigments. Thus vision loss.
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For pregnant women, vitamin a deficiency lead to night blindness. It means people unable see in the dim and bad light. It also leads to mother’s death during pregnancy.
Vitamin A also has an effect on immune system. So it’s deficiency can lead to death from malaria and diarrhea.
Other effects such as miscarriage, infertility, throat & congestion problems.
The Human body which can’t make use of Vitamin A in their diet leads to such diseases.

Good Sources of Vitamin A

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1. Eggs, meat & Fish
2. Milk products like cheese and yoghurt
3. Vegetables like carrot, green leafy & spinach
4. Sweet potatoes 
5. Fruits like apricots, papaya & mango
6. Chicken and beef

Vitamin A in excess, can lead to?

1. It is proven by a survey that, for men, 0.7mg consumption of vitamin A is s sufficient in a day. For women, the consumption is 0.6mg.
2. If the consumption exceeds, it can lead to liver enlargement, hairs get rough and skin gets dry. 
3. For pregnant women, High vitamin consumption leads to defects on an unborn baby.
4. The people who ate liver or the foods that contain should be aware because, a liver is the good source of vitamin A.

Symptoms for Vitamin A deficiency

1. Mild deficiency can’t be seen in the human body.
2. The Immune system gets disturbed.
3. Dryness of skin and roughness in hairs.
4. Cornea gets thin.
5. Low visibility.
6. Patches on the white surface of the eye.


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1. Treatments For Vitamin A deficiency followed by blood and vision test.
2. Vitamin A supplements and proper diet is recommended for the patients.
3. Vitamin A provides strength to our immune system and helps in repairment of tissues.

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Keep and stay healthy always

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