How Delhi’s pollution is making you sick and what you can do about it? (English)

Pollution in Delhi (Image courtesy of HuffPost)

Delhi is under dark clouds of pollution and it’s getting worse every day. As of now, Delhi is probably the most polluted city in the world, leaving Beijing behind. Hospitals have observed an increased rate in medical cases which we can relate to increased air pollution.

Make no mistake, air pollution has become a serious issue now. We read stories about it every day in news, for example this

And this

The situation has gotten so bad that the government may have to issue stay-at-home warnings for elderly and kids.

Now authorities put aside, here we are going to discuss what we, as citizens, can do to tackle this serious health issue. Now we all know that this is a serious threat to our health. Pollution levels this high can cause these life-threatening conditions:

  • Decreased lung functions
  • Aggravated asthma
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Irregular heartbeats
  • Chronic respiratory diseases in children
  • Lung cancers

Symptoms that show air pollution is effecting your health

  1. In healthy people: mild coughs, irritation of eyes and throat, shortness of breath and chest tightness
  2. People with heart problems: chest pains, tightness in chest, heartbeat irregularities and feeling weak
  3. People with lung diseases: severe difficulty in breathing, chronic cough, fatigue, wheezing and tiredness

These are all serious issues and we can’t ignore them. Yesterday, a team of experts at Asian Hospital had a meeting to discuss the issue. We have come up with some solutions to keep yourself and your family healthy. We request you to follow these guidelines whenever possible:

1. Use pollution-masks whenever you go outside

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Pollutions masks filter out pollutants from air your breathe. You should look for masks that have at least N95 rating. Check air quality forecasts daily and get into the habit of wearing your mask on more polluted days. Vogmask is a good place to get yourself a mask.

2. Avoid going out at times when the air is most polluted

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There are certain times of the day when the air is supposed to be more polluted. You can stay indoors at those specific times or use masks if you have to go out. Remember, every time you go out without wearing a mask, your chances of getting above-mentioned deadly diseases increase.

3. Having food that is naturally detoxifying

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There are certain foods in nature that are detoxifying. Onions, beets, basil leaves, ginger, and pineapple are some examples of food that remove toxic substances from your body.

4. Take a social responsibility

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Government efforts alone won’t cut it. Every individual has to take the responsibility to reduce air pollution. Reduce use of private vehicles, take alternative commute methods like DTC and Delhi Metro. Plant more trees.

Final thoughts

The steps mentioned above will help you reduce health risks due to air pollution. But the problem is real. We have to work together to really solve this pollution problem. And we have to push authorities to listen.

So, wear masks, eat better, avoid overusing your vehicles and stay clear of air pollution. Happy living from Asian Institute of Medical Sciences.

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