With a hectic day, I reach home at 7:00 pm from the office. My husband reached home at 10:00 pm daily at night. Then he becomes fresh and had his dinner. After that, we watch TV for at least 15 min. We go to bed at 11:00 pm. I wake up early in the morning at 5:30 am. I prepare breakfast and lunch for my family. Meanwhile, he becomes ready for his office.

Literally, with this hectic urban life, sometimes, we feel very tired and laziness. Our eyes also pain sometimes because of not having proper sleep and rest. Our routine is not too good. It directly affects our health.

We all make these mistakes. These are harmful for our health. We must be careful enough toward our health. If our health is good, Everything and everybody seems to be good for us. Otherwise, everything is ruined.

Let’s discuss on several mistakes, you are making after 7:00 pm that you should avoid.

When you munch too much after 7 pm, Eh!!!! Problems begin to start.

Not too much to eat!

Most people know, that breakfast is the most important diet of the day. But they didn’t know, how much they should take dinner?

Yes, this is true. Breakfast should be like, a king, means healthy and heavy. And dinner should ideally and the lightest meal of the day because nobody want to stress of digestive system while you are trying to sleep.

You should take cereal and milk, toast with milk, a bowl of daal, salad, and some light food in dinner that you can rescue.

Think about hygiene!

Have you ever thought? 8 or 9 hours that you spend at work and traveling, may stress your nerves. This is more of a hygiene concern than anything.

When you reached home, the first thing you should do is bath or wash your hand and face and change your comfort clothes. You feel comfortable. You should implement the right way to maintain hygiene.

Some people have habit of not washing fruits before eating. I know, you may be tired. But, you should think of your hygiene first. Always eat washed fruits.

Not drinking enough water

Everybody knows, drinking adequate water is good for health. Most people reach out to high sugar or fizzy drinks during summers when they reach home at night. But it’s not good.

Your body required enough water during the Day time as water is absorbed by the sun and heat. This makes your body fuel to lose. Always consume water more during the day time. At night, reduce the quantity for better sleep and better health. Excess drinking water at night may trouble you.

Don’t eat snacks

How many of you enjoy your evening cup of tea with fried snacks or biscuits in the office, with friends or after going back home? Well, Evening tea is not bad, but think about snacks. Firstly, Snacks are unhealthy for you. Just remember, dinner time isn’t too far. After having snacks, you may feel heavy and delay your dinner. This is not good for your health.

Don’t watch too much T.V

Most of the people are accustomed to TV. They watch TV no matter how tired they feel. Watching TV may carried over his fatigue. But your TV time should not exceeds, 30 minutes. Spend your time with your family or do what you get to enjoy.


All above are the mistakes, you should avoid, to maintain a good health. Health is yours, then obviously, the responsibility is yours!

Don’t make any mistake! Be cautious, and enjoy every moment.

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