Impact of Yoga on Human Health

Yoga is derived from sanskrit word yuj. It was originated 5000 years back in India. Yoga is a simple physical exercise where people twists, turns, stretches and breadth in the most complex form and unfold the infinite potentials of their mind, body and soul.

Practicing Yoga on regular basis benefits us in many ways. Let’s check.

Easy Pose — Sukhasana

It eliminating stress, anxiety and mental exhaustion and makes your mind relaxed and calm. It eases the menstrual pain for women. It improves the alignment of the shoulder. I reduce fatigue and gives strength to your back. He improves your digestion.

Child Pose — Balasana

It is very useful to relieve neck and lower back pain. It helps to remove stress and anxiety and makes your mind calm and relaxed. It gently stretches hips, thighs and ankles and strength muscles, tendons and ligaments. It normalizes the blood circulation throughout the body. It releases tension in the back, shoulders and chest. It keeps the body internal organs supple.


It stretches hips, back muscles, shoulders and spine. It gives strength to the thighs, calves and buttocks. It improves the flexibility of the spine and stimulates the spinal nerves. It also stimulates the nervous system and tones the reproductive organs. It relieves backache, gastritis, indigestion, acidity, flatulence and neck sprain. It reduces the stiffness in the neck, shoulders and knees, strengthens the ankles and tones the ligaments of the arms, legs.

Chaturanga Dandasana

It gives strength to the muscles of arms, wrist, shoulders, abdomen and legs. It also develops core stability. It prepares body for more challenging inversions and balancing poses.

Ashtanga Yoga

It develops strength and flexibility to the body. It helps to remove chronic tension and anxiety and makes your mind calm and relaxed. It supports the mental clarity and brings closer to the self-awareness. It improves blood circulation. It tones the muscles and lubricates the joints. It helps in weight loss.

Hatha Yoga

It helps in eliminating toxins and builds immunity. It gives strength to the spines and tones it. It improves the malfunctions of glands in our body. It removes stress and anxiety and helps your mind feel calm and relaxed. It increases flexibility.

Iyengar yoga

Iyengar yoga targeted multiple ailments and disorders. It reduces high blood pressure. It helps cure depression. It cures chronic back and neck pain. It also cures Immunodeficiency. It increases stamina, flexibility, concentration and balance.

Kundalini Yoga

It strengthens the nervous system. It activates the glandular system. It expands the lung capacity, release toxins and purifies the bloodstream. It brings balance to the body, mind and soul. It develops the power of the intuitive mind.

Power yoga

It increases strength, flexibility and stamina. It is very useful in burning calories and fats. It improves blood circulation. It boosts our immune system. It improves muscles and boosts metabolism. It eliminates toxins from our body through sweat. It removes tension.

Adhomukha Svanasana

It energizes the whole body, improves immunity and boosts self-confidence. It improves lung capasity, hence it is good for sinusitis and asthmatic patience. It relieves fatigue. It provides more oxygen to the body. It improves digestion. It strengthens your arms, shoulders, upper back, calf muscles and legs. It is helpful for treating high blood pressure, stress, depression, chronic headaches, sciatic problems and osteoporosis. It also cures problems associated with menopause.

Urdhvamukha svanasana

It strengthen the spine, arms and wrists. It improves posture by stretching anterior spine and strengthening posterior spine. it stretches muscles of the chest, lungs, shoulders and abdomen. It stimulate the organs of the abdomen. It relieves depression, fatigue and sciatica pain. It increases lung capacity. It rejuvenates the spine, relieves stiffness of the back and increases stamina.

Utthita parsvakonasana

It stretches waist, back, ankles, shoulders and spines. It gives strengths and flexibilities to legs, thighs, knees and ankles. It recovers blood circulation. It improves digestive system. It increases lungs capacity. It helps reducing belly fat. It is useful for constipation, infertility, low backache, sciatica, osteoporosis, acidity, menstrual discomfort, indigestion and kidney.