Lower Back Pain : Ways You Are Weakening Unknowingly

Lower back pain may be a common problem after age 40. As almost people don’t know that back pain is way more severe than knee pain. According to the Annals of Rheumatic Disease Journal, a large number of people worldwide suffer from low back pain problem, but never go for any consultancy.

OK, I ask you a question!

How many of you getting up in the morning with a nagging pain in the lower back?.

Do you think why is it so?

It can be of your sleeping, sitting and standing posture in office and at home.

The fact is, back pain can be easily called the most common ailment in India.

The elderly subjects experiencing chronic lower back pain. It is caused by excessive strain on muscles, lack of activity.

It is important to find out what exactly is your reason causing pain.

There are many possible causes of lower back pain, which can make identifying a real challenge. So, you know what has hit you. We have few remedies and prevention for different complications.

Lower back pain relief tips

There are many different ways to relief and prevent lower back pain.

  • Sit and sleep in right position
  • Yoga and exercise daily
  • Physical activity and workout
  • Take rich nutrients food
  • Take proper calcium to your body

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