Organs of Dead Cancer Patients Used to Give Life to Others

While going through the ANI news, I was surprised to read the article, which I am going to share with you all.

In the past few years, the trend of taking organs from the dead cancer patient and transplanting them has been caught up. The major reasons behind this is the shortage of organs.

Studies have found that spreading cancer to this extent is due to the implantation done these days. To reduce the cancer risk, the internal organs cannot be donated by the people, having cancer.

According to figures from NHS Blood and Transplant reports, over the past five years, some 272 donors of 675 organs transplanted had all suffered from cancer or malignancy.

Professor John Forsythe, associate medical director of organ donation and transplantation at NHS Blood and Transplant, said: “We work hard to minimize the risks to recipients by carefully evaluating all potential organ and tissue donors. Tests are also carried out to try to make sure the organs are not cancerous and infections are rare.”

“Organs from deceased donors with some current and past cancers may be safely used, with surgeons balancing the risk of using an organ against the risk of a patient dying waiting for a transplant,” he said.

Due to the shortage of suitable organs for transplant, sometimes an organ from a cancer patient is the only option to save the patient’s life immediately, even if it is not ideal.

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