Reduce Health Effects of Air Pollution with These Detoxifying Foods

All we know, that air pollution affects our health. Different types of toxins, deposit into our body through pollution. A toxin is a poisonous substance produced by an organism or living cells. When more toxins deposit into our body, it becomes a form of a disease.

It’s a real connection between the body and the mind. The body plays a big part of your brain functions. Your body needs to detoxify regularly for faster food burn. Keeping it free of toxins, and other nasty things is essential to maintaining a healthy life.

You must have read that detox food purify through the liver, and come back to the heart with purifying & goes to blood vessels can have several long-lasting benefits throughout the body.

All celebrities or super health conscious persons, prefer to down the toxins and feeling lighter and fresher, have detoxified food and herbs in their diet.

Here are 10 natural, healthy foods which help to detoxify or cleansing your body. Let’s discuss!!


Water is the best source to remove the toxins from your body. It is so important for all organs to release the toxins and also becomes hydrated. You should drink at least 3 litres of water in a day. If you’re not used to drink water daily, your kidney wouldn’t know what to do. This may lead to kidney disease. The water is full of minerals.


Onion is brimming with sulfur-containing amino acids, which efficiently detox the liver. Raw onions deliver the most health benefit. Raw onion gets very tasty with your meal.


Beetroot is known as an antioxidant and liver supporting abilities. You may enjoy the beetroot as a salad or a cup of juice with your meal. Beets also help you to remove toxins, radicals, and making them an anti-cancer aid to your body.


Turmeric is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, which is used as medicine. Ayurveda has value this spice as a medicine. It helps to prevent cancer. The primary purpose of a detoxification exercise is to support the organs of elimination like liver, turmeric comes to the rescue. So a tablespoon of turmeric in a day is enough to prevent from all diseases.


As we know that basil is an anti-bacterial herb and full of antioxidants to protect the liver. It is also a nutritious powerhouse. 4 or 5 leaves in a day are enough to improve the immune system and to remain healthier.


Ginger is a root, which includes astringent properties and used as medicine by Ayurveda. We often used ginger in a tea or other drinks, and for making meals. It helps to improve the liver function. If you are getting fatty caused by alcohol or toxic food, You can use ginger in your meal.


Garlic is the high source of sulphur content, that is beneficial for your skin and make your hair shiny. It helps to detoxify the toxin of your body. You should include more sulphur rich foods in your diet. Clove is also a sulphuric herb.


It is the best source of vitamin “C”, which is used to digest the food you eat. It is a rich source of antioxidants that support detoxification. You must drink lemon juice at least once a day in summer. It will help you to hydrate.


Apple is packed with fibre and vitamin “A” which helps in cleansing and detoxify the toxins in your body. You must eat one apple in the morning that is good for your health. You should include apple in your diet also for removing the toxins.


Coriander can help digest your food and maintain normal cholesterol level. It’s leaves detoxify heavy metals like lead and mercury which may accumulate in the body. So put a handful of coriander leaves into the salad, pulses, garnish and cooked vegetables also.


Healthy food is necessary to maintain your health. Your surrounding area may polluted your body. So your body needs detoxifying food to remove toxins. Detoxifying food effects your health.

Eat healthy! Live healthy!! Think healthy!!!
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