Stretching everyday may ease women’s depression and menopause symptoms

Well! we have a good news for all middle-aged women. A study has found that stretching just for 10 mins a day might help ease menopause and depression symptoms.

“Light-intensity exercises such as stretching have not been previously evaluated for its impact on menopausal and depressive symptoms,” lead researcher Yuko Kai told Reuters Health by email.

Forty Japanese women, ages between 40 to 61 years, were participated in the study at the Physical Fitness Research Institute, Meiji Yasuda Life Foundation of Health and Welfare in Tokyo.

Among these forty women, twenty women were assigned to stretch 10 minutes a day before bedtime for three weeks. And the rest twenty were instructed not to stretch before bed.

After three weeks of research, the team has evaluated the women’s menopausal symptoms using 10 questions in a group about vasomotor symptoms, psychological symptoms, and body ache.

In the beginning, the groups were generally similar. More than half the participants were postmenopausal, nearly two-thirds had depression, and most of the women were not physically active.

After stretching, the women in the stretching group had improved their scores on all sets of questions after the three-week study period, compared to the group that didn’t stretch before bed.

Stretching before bed is not a bad idea. If we are getting a positive effect from stretching then we must follow the same. The studies have found that continuing stretching before bedtime reducing hot flashes and body pain quite an extent.

Let’s conclude:

In addition, if women exercise with light walking for 30 mins daily and then stretch for 10 mins before bedtime, can improve their health, menopausal symptoms, mood, and cognition. Stretching can also improves the quality of your sleep.