The best thing to say “Never take another puff”

As we all know, smoking is injurious to health. It is handles many diseases like respiratory disease, heart disease, cancer and even lead to premature death.
Survey revels that every year around 479,000 people in USA and 1100,000 people in UK die because of smocking.
The most important risk factor now-a-days among the young men and women is “Smoking Cigarette”.
Studies have found that smokers can also effect the health of non-smokers in some aspects. So, it’s better to ditch cigarette for the sake of your loved one’s.

Here are several factors which will help you going cold turkey. Say- “Never take another puff”.

One of the most popular way to ditch smoking is going “cold turkey”.
Studies found that 5% to 10% are actually able to quit with any help. Let’s prepare our-self better for quitting cigarette.

Find your own reason to get motivated

Choose your own powerful enough reason to quit smoking. Reasons may be to protect your family from secondhand smoke, or lower the risk of getting cancers or even to look and feel younger.

Take help from your loved ones

Your friends, family, counselor and other people can help you encourage and motivate you to keep going. They will help you sticking to your quit-smoking strategies. So, ask their help.

Prepare yourself before going “Cold Turkey”

Tossing your cigarettes out will not help you quit smoking. Your brain is nicotine addicted . Ask your doctor or counselor for help.

Engage yourself in good activities

Main reason people smoke is to get relaxed. Try to engage yourself in activities. Like exercise, listening music, connect with friends or spending time for your hobby.

Flush out the smell of Cigarette

Once you have decided to quit smoking, clean your ashtrays and remove lighters. Clean your home, clothes and cars that smell like cigarette.
Use air fresheners and perfumes which do not remind you of cigarettes.

Ask doctor for Pills or go for Nicotine-Replacement Therapy

Medicines can help you from craving and make you ease, satisfying if you do not smoke.
When you quit smoking, you may face headache, swinging mood or sap your energy.
Studies revels that nicotine gum, lozenges, and patches help you quitting cigarette.

Avoid Alcohol and Other Triggers

When you consume liquor, it becomes difficult for you to stick to your no-smoking goal. So, avoid consuming alcohol.
Replace alcohol with tea, coffee, soft drinks, shakes and fruit juices.

Try and try to get moving

Many people give up quitting cigarette. So, set a goal, set a quit date or think about what let you your relapse. Stick to your commitment to quit smoking.
You may face some withdrawal symptoms of nicotine cravings. Make yourself active in other things like exercise, walking your dog , jogging, or pulling weeds in the garden.

Consume healthy and frequent diets

Increase fresh fruits and vegetables to your diets. Eat light, simple and healthy food. Consume small and frequent diet. These are good for your health and body.

Reward Yourself and remember The time is yours’

Calculate how much money you have saved of giving up cigarettes. Reward yourself on something fun by spending some part of money.
As you quit smoking, you will find immediate health benefits. You will lower the chance of getting serious diseases. Your heart rate goes towards normal.

  • A new research from the University of Oxford found that: “Toss the pack and don’t look back”. Stopping cigarettes may be the best way to quit smoking.
  • Study says that 25% smokers who wants to quit smoking may attempt successful at the 4-week mark. And 45% may be successful in quitting cigarettes after six months.
  • The reason is when the people once decide to cut down their numbers of cigarettes, actually attempting to stop smoking, says study author Nicola Lindson-Hawley, Ph.D.
  • She says, lowering towards quitting may be helpful because of the nicotine withdrawal carvings.
  • Quitting cigarettes for those who cut down their number of cigarettes is as bad as for those who went direct zero.
  • It’s all about your point of view. Both the ways are difficult for your mind and body. It’s all is you have to make your mind, strong enough to go through with the quit.

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