Hair is your beauty. Everyone love their hair, but, you worried about your hair when they lose or you’re balding. Hair loss is a problem that many people suffer from.

As you feel good on healthy hair to grow up,as you feel bad for hair loss.

There may be several factors behind hair losses such as environmental, nutrition deficiency, hormone unbalance. Let’s discuss the causes of hair loss.

Cause of Hair Loss

Unbalanced & Unhealthy Diet :

Diet direct affects your body. Unhealthy diet makes you inactive and sick which affected to your skin. Skin includes hair also.

Pollution :

Pollution affects to your whole life. Several diseases develop by pollution. It’s becoming the main cause hair loss today. The several Micro Organism includes in the environment that can cause itching and scale on the scalp, can lead to hair loss.

Genes Factor :

Basically, Genes factor also affects the age at which you begin hair loss and extent of baldness. It’s called male pattern or female pattern baldness. Pattern baldness is common in men and may begin as early as puberty.

Cosmetics Procedures :

Hair losses also cause by some Cosmetics product, that not suitable for your hair and happens opposite reaction. Excessive hair styling and hot oil treatment can cause contamination of hair glands that lead to hair loss.

Hormonal Change :

The most common cause of hair loss is hormone change and imbalances. This could be due to pregnancy, childbirth, and in the age between 45 to 50(menopause). Hormone levels are also affected by the thyroid gland, so thyroid problems may cause hair loss.

Medical Condition :

Hair loss can cause by drugs for several serious diseases like Cancer, Depression, Heart problems, and physical & emotional shocks include(excessive weight loss, fever, surgery, tension).

Sun Exposure :

Sun Exposure can cause hair loss, ultraviolet rays direct effect to your body. Ultra-violet rays are harmful to your body. It may develop several disease of the skin.

Prevention of Hair Loss

Here are prevention of hair loss. Let’s discuss.

Healthy Diet :

Healthy diet much more important for glowing your skin, to grow up of hair and, body development. A healthy diet includes protein, vitamin, iron, iodine, and nutrition also. The healthy diet helps to prevent hair loss.

Avoid Harsh Treatment :

You should avoid harsh treatment on your hairs. Healthy growth of hairs makes you feel youthful and happy. Harsh treatment includes hard chemicals that affected to your hairs growth. Use only natural herbs for growing hairs.

Reducing Stress :

Stress direct hits on your mind and affect your body. You must avoid taking the stress and make a habit of happiness. If you’re upset or depress, move on. You can join your friend’s company, see any entertaining movie, and go outside also.

Consult Your Doctor :

If any disease is the reason behind of hair loss, consult with your doctor for treatment of your disease. When disease roots up, hair loss will stop. Consult with your doctor is necessary.

Inherited hair loss can’t prevent.


Hair Loss is a big problem, which suffers a large number of people. It has so many causes and prevention. Be aware of hair fall symptoms, so that you could prevent yourself. Without information, you do anything wrong with your beauty. So you should careful about your problems and solution also.

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