Why Pregnant Women Face Death In India

Maternal death is a big issue in India. At least one Indian woman dies every 5 minutes during pregnancy or after childbirth.

WHO reports say, that 1,36,000 maternal death occurring every year in India. Two-thirds of maternal deaths occur after delivery because of more bleeding.

After delivery, postpartum bleeding being the most common complication. There is a loss of more than 500 ml or 1000 ml of blood within 24 hours of childbirth.

The highest maternal mortality rate(MMR) found in Assam (300 death) and the lowest in Kerala (61 death). The estimates of MMR in India was 167 death out of 100,000 live births.

Short supply of blood in India, the main cause of maternal death. Either Poor people couldn’t arrange blood for their pregnant women. Another, It can be an absence of emergency obstetric care, lack of management capacity in a health system, missing trained midwives, an absence of comprehensive maternal care services in a hospital.

Most common complications

Here are describing some attributes that why pregnant women die during delivery or after childbirth. Let’s focus !

Ectopic Pregnancy:

This kind of pregnancy can be fatal. An ectopic pregnancy occurred when fertilized egg implants outside of the uterus. It mostly occurs in the Fallopian tube and can rupture the tube causing internal bleeding.


Miscarriage also lead to death, if bleeding and pain don’t stop. Early miscarriage is when a woman loses her pregnancy.


Pregnant lady required sufficient iron to maintain the hemoglobin level. Iron deficiency increased the risk of premature labor and lower weight child. Lack of iron develops the anemia disease, in which pregnant women feel tired and fatigue.


Hypertension can lead to complications, which are risky for both the mother and child. It is the most common problem in India.

Obstetric Cholestasis:

Cholestasis is one cause of Maternal death. It occurs in late pregnancy and trigger extream itching on many parts of the body. It may increase the risk for a developing baby. Doctors usually recommend early delivery.

Low Placenta:

Placenta develops in a uterus during pregnancy. It provides food & oxygen and removes waste product from the baby’s blood. If placenta covering to the neck of the womb, it can be dangerous for a pregnant lady, which can lead to death.


Death becomes a major issue during pregnancy in India. Each family should think and care about pregnant women. Only one solution to stop the maternal death that Caring of pregnant women.

Poor or unhealthy diet is the main cause of blood deficiency. A Healthy diet, physical activity, and proper rest should be for a pregnant lady.

You should care about their diet, regular check up, and take action urgently to have any complications. It may reduce the maternal death to start an action for pregnant women. All the best!!