Why you feel like your mobile phone is vibrating even when it’s not

The first time, when I felt that my phone was buzzing in my bag, I took it out to check, but, there was no notification. I thought, I was crazy. Surprisingly, It happens to me once or twice in a week. I am not alone in this experience. Everyone feel the same as I felt.

Have you ever thought, that you felt your phone is buzzing in your pocket, just to realise that you have no notification at all? Don’t worry, you are not getting crazy.

Recent studies said, 89% of people have this happened to them. It is called phantom vibrations. Phantom ringing or vibration syndrome is a perception that one’s mobile phone is ringing when exactly it is not.

A clinical psychologist, David Laramie’s thesis, published in 2007, was the first study to examine the universality of phantom vibrating. In a survey, two third of people had experienced one or other. It’s part of a modern landscape and our relationship with technology.

What Causes Phantom Vibration

In fact, It is impacting a large number of cellphone user today. Let’s focus on causes of phantom vibration, which is also commonly known as phenomena, related to psychology. That’s why we feel phantom vibration.

Mobile Habitual : Habitual is the main cause of phantom vibration. If you use your phone more, you’re more hit to your mind. So you feel phantom vibration.

Strongly & Emotionally Text : If you react strongly and emotionally to texts, you are more likely to experience phantom vibration.

Personally Traits : Strong emotional reaction is a personality traits, that is correlated with increase phantom ringing.

Social Media : Social media is impacting a large number of users. They react more emotionally to social texts(e-mails, facebook, twitter, chat, etc).

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