Women should follow these essential cycling tips to prevent serious problems

Cycling is a world full of satisfaction, adventurous and liveliness. Riding along a path, road or trail can be amusing and obsessive, but badly set up bike or wrong clothing can cause serious problems.

Today, women are facing the most common sources of discomforts are gynecological problems and pain in the neck and shoulders.

Gynecological problems

Excess cycling can cause male from occasional numbness to erectile dysfunction and impotence but seldom, we hear about gynecological problems that women cyclists encounter.

Studies reveal that maximum time spent on the seat of bicycle affect your sexual health. According to a European study published in the British Medical Journal (2003), Professor Luc Baeyons, a famous gynaecologist with specialization in sports medicine, found that over 60% female cyclists are having numbness, skin infections, chronic swelling and lymphatic damages.

Basic Anatomy

You should know the basic anatomy of your body. While cycling, your body makes contact with the saddle at three points: your two sit bones (Ischial tuberosities) and soft tissue between your legs. During long rides, the continuous pressure exerted by this soft tissue cause painful skin irritation and constrict blood flow which leads to deaden the nerves.

Posture affects pressure and genital blood supply

A study found that the more you stretched on your bicycle, the more pressure is exerted on your soft tissue. This is the main cause of having greater possibility of sexual health problems.

Common Problems

Some common problems that women cyclists encounter are Vaginitis (crotchets), bacterial and yeast infections. Don’t get desperate. There are simple ways you can follow to prevent saddle sores and vaginal problems.

How To Prevent

  • Get your bicycle a mechanical check done to adjust properly to fit your body size.
  • Adjust your saddle according to your height and comfort.
  • Always wear cycling shorts with thick and seamless padding, without underwear.
  • Apply emollient (chamois cream or jelly) to your genital area and thighs to help prevent chafing.
  • Always use clean padded shorts and get out of it, just after you have finished your ride.
  • Adjust your bike handle to make your posture more vertical.
  • Stand up to give your “privates” a break from the pressure in every 10 minutes.

If vaginal problems still persist or get worse, immediately visit your doctor to find a solution.

Pain in neck and shoulder

Get your bicycle or bike fitting right. Both structurally and functionally women are far different than men. Hence, women suffer much more than men. The center of gravity in women is in the lower back while the men carry their center of gravity up higher in the torso. If women ride in the same position as men, then women are likely to develop neck and shoulder pain.

Resolving neck and shoulder pain is not too difficult. The only thing you have to do is have a well qualified bike which fits your body size and assess your position on the bike. Cycling will then become a lot more comfortable.

Essential Cycling Tips:

  • Always wear a good pair of clean cycling shorts with no underwear. Cycling shorts are the most important piece of clothing for cycling but they may seems odd by normal standards.
  • Always ride a bicycle which fits your size.
  • Always give 10 mins break in between a long ride.

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